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His Yoke & a Burden

Matthew 11:28-30. Jacques investigates what it means to carry the yoke of Christ and why it should be light.

Abiding In Christ

Luke Kneebone speaks about abiding in Jesus Christ and what that means to us in our battle with the host of darkness.

The Wheat and the Tares

What is the Field? What is the Wheat? What is a Tare? When is the harvest? A three-fold application of this classic parable of Christ.

The Danger of Being Unoccupied

When Christ delivers us from the power of evil, there is a vacuum that must be filled by His Spirit. There is danger when we neglect to ally ourselves with the divine nature of Christ.

The Humility of God

The humility of God is revealed in Christ. This study considers the lessons of humility taught by the cross of Christ.

The Vine & The Branches

In the parable of the Vine and the Branches, Christ addresses the challenge of our personal connection with Him and the fruit of our character.

The Beatitudes

Presented by Luke Kneebone at Schofields Sydney December 2011. Luke continues his exposition of the book of Matthew.