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The Humility of Christ

A study of the incarnation. Jesus Christ is the sinner’s hope. What kind of nature did Jesus assume as He took on humanity? What type of humanity did He take?

The Testimony of the True Witness in 1888

The Seventh Day Adventist Church didn’t always see themselves as Laodicean. This study follows the historical understanding of the testimony of the True Witness leading up to 1888.

The Nature of Sin

A study on the nature of sin, its impact on our hearts and how God gets rid of it.

The Humility of God

The humility of God is revealed in Christ. This study considers the lessons of humility taught by the cross of Christ.

Saved By Grace

What is grace? How much grace is made available to us? What is the purpose of grace? These questions and others are dwelt on in this topic of God’s unfailing grace.

The Vine & The Branches

In the parable of the Vine and the Branches, Christ addresses the challenge of our personal connection with Him and the fruit of our character.